October 25, 2016

Digital Economics Welcomes You to “The Diginomics Era”

Welcome to your resource for all things “Diginomic.” A world where “digital economics” is fast outpacing that of cash and other outdated analog payment methods (ie: checks, coins and cards) introduces DIGINOMICS … the global development of a digitized economic system and the culture surrounding it. This is the “go to” page for the “official” […]


The Future of Digital Economics is in “The Wave.” Be it installation, augmentation or implementation through virtualization — the ultimate technology … whether it is card, communicator or chip … will be little more than the simple “wave” of the hand, and your bill is paid. It’s what we call “diginomics” — for “digital economics.” […]

Call it ‘The UBER Moment’: Fintech & Bitcoin are Disrupting Banking Industry

  The World of Diginomics is experiencing growing pains, but it’s all part of growing up.       “Bitcoin is here to stay,” says Frank Schwab, co-founder of the Fintech Forum in Germany, according to CryptoCoinNews. “It is a first of its kind,” he says, referring to the fact that “bitcoin is the first […]