September 17, 2019


Diginomics“The Story of Diginomics” Blogs

Many of our readers want to know more about “Diginomics” … it’s beginning point, it’s evolution and its future. We now have a new blog through our friend in Canada, Travis Patron, president of Diginomics Corporation, and author of a new online book, The Bitcoin Revolution. He is a Bitcoin specialist … our go-to-guy for all things “bitcoin.” He has graciously opened a new blog page for us to post more detailed posts about our Diginomic World — the concept of evolving digital economics that give rise to digitized cultures.


1 — Welcome to a Diginomic World

diginomic-worldYou are invited to follow “The Story of Diginomics” — the concept which describes the all-encompassing transition to a cultural, financial, and political genre governed by digital law. This is a new series of online postings between Wallace Wood (Executive Director of and originator of the concept and term of “diginomics” in 1998) and his new partner in Canada, Travis Patron (president of Diginomics Company, As the World of Diginomics grows, expands and matures globally, it becomes necessary to correctly define both the word and the concept to minimize confusion and misunderstanding. Our posts can be found at


2 — The Transformation of Money

the-transformation-of-moneyJoel Kurtzman writes in his book, THE DEATH OF MONEY (1993): “Money is now an image. This new megabyte money is creating a new and different world wherever it proceeds.”

The “New Money Factor” of diginomics covers an extremely large spectrum to include not only the issue of currency being digitized, but every aspect of economic lifestyles today. It addresses both “how” we shop and “where” we shop. It’s how we spend our money and the electronic environments of that experience. Are we using cash, checks, and coins, or are we totally cashless? The popular yet controversial series of commercials by Visa in which the arterial flow of cashless shopping is stymied by the user of cash depicts both the reality of our times and a trend into the future. Read more >>


3 — Our Evolving Diginomic Lifestyle

evolving-diginomic-lifestyle_512x228Cultures everywhere are being redesigned along digital guidelines, creating what we would call “Diginomic Lifestyles.” As the world reshapes and redesigns itself, it is rapidly and optimally adopting the technologies required to maximize convenience. Don’t sweat it! There’s no need. Just push that button.

“There can no longer be any doubt that the future of business is inextricably bound up with the Internet,” says John Chambers, president/CEO of Cisco, as quoted in the book, Digital Transformation in 2000. Read more >>


4 — Mobile Payments are Eating the World!”

mobile-payments-are-eating-the-world“The days of carrying wads of cash and paper check books are quickly fading,” reports Nielsen Newswire in December 2014, in a post: Digital Money Management: Millennials and Boomers. “The world has gone digital, and payment methodologies are rapidly gaining prominence among savvy consumers.” The report goes on to say that these “savvy” consumers do “live with their smartphones, which means their high ownership rates could be a key to future use” in the mobile payments & banking industry. Read more >>