September 16, 2019

Diginomic Book Resources

Cashless Society book_500x752Cashless Society: A World Without Money

Wallace Wood‘s first book, published in 1974. It was an early review and prediction of an evolving cashless society. Nearly ten years before the public unveiling of the Internet, Wood foresaw a “central computer” system that would oversee every financial transaction.

He called that system “Cencom.” Gas pumps, soda machines, even paychecks, would be attached to Cencom, which would grant the user permission or denial of use based on one’s ability to pay in real time.



The Cashless Society

~ Robert Hendrickson (1974)

“All that is necessary is to wait out a short term in the cycle of human history and a cashless society will inevitably befall us. This is a development that is automatic and inevitable.”



 Friction-Free Economy

~ Ted G. Lewis (1997)

“Welcome to tomorrow — and to a world governed by a friction-free economy. The economics of the friction-free economy is coming … something is afoot. A new order is building that obeys a different set of rules, and is forcing all businesses to dance to a different tune.

“What is a company to do? Business must learn the techniques of the friction-free economy to excel. They must master a new lexicon, culture, and way of life. It is no longer possible to conduct business as usual.”


The End of Money

~ David Wolman (2012); contributing editor, WIRED magazine.

“Economists understand that money is a fiction, and that the entire financial system rests on the head of this socially constructed pin… Money’s destiny is to become digital.”




~ Joel Kurtzman (1993); former executive editor, Harvard Business Review

“Money now is different. It is no longer a thing; it is a system. Money is a network.

“Few people realize that money, in the traditional sense, has met its demise. Fewer still have paused to reflect on the implications of that fact.

“Tangible money, old-fashioned money … is a phantom from the past, an anachronism. In its place is an entirely new form of money based not on metal or paper, but on technology, mathematics, and science. This new ‘megabyte’ money is creating a new and different world wherever it proceeds.

“Money now is an image.”


diginomics (en espanol) DIGINOMICS book … in Spain

“DIGINOMICS” began here in Houston in 1998 (not the scientific technology, but the term itself) when it was first posted on the Internet. Do a web search, and you will find increasing global trending of the term, just as was originally desired.

Now, there is a book —  “Diginomics: The impact of technology in business” — that has been published by a couple of professors, Gabriel Foglia and Patrick O’Gorman, members of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Palermo. In Google, you can have the reference page translated. Check it out —