September 16, 2019

Diginomic Video Resources

Ultimate Diginomics


The Future of Shopping

Retail Expo 2020 – Australia

RFID Supermarket – Japan (:29)

The Future of Banking

Mobile Phones & Banks (2008) – by Patrick Dixon, futurist

The Future of Banking (history and future: 1950-2015), by Business Income Center
Website: Income Central

Microsoft’s Vision of Future Banking

Going Cashless

CBS Report: “Why Cash is Losing its Currency”
An excellent report on CBS News by correspondent Lee Cowan (3/25/12) about society going cashless sooner than later. Featured in the report is our friend, David Wolman, author of “The End of Money.”

“Going Cashless” campaign TV and video ads
MasterCard, Visa, and other commercial sources have embarked upon major TV ad campaigns to encourage consumers to think and live cashless. Here is a sampling of those ads …

Mastercard’s Cashless Future – 2012

Mastercard’s Cashless Future – 2013

Visa Cashless Commercial

IBM Cashless Commercial – “The Future of e-Business”

 “The Future of Money and Mobile Payments” by SapientNitro