August 22, 2019


The Future of Digital Economics is in “The Wave.”

Be it installation, augmentation or implementation through virtualization — the ultimate technology … whether it is card, communicator or chip … will be little more than the simple “wave” of the hand, and your bill is paid. It’s what we call “diginomics” — for “digital economics.”

The term itself (first coined in 1998) is rapidly gaining global tracking as the fog begins to lift on what the future really looks like. It’s where George Jetson meets George Orwell … and Aldous Huxley (“Brave New World”) is their mutual friend!

The World of Diginomics involves much, much more than just financial trans-actions conducted in a cyber-reality of no cash, no coins and no checks. The Diginomic World comes with its own architecture … its own sovereignty … its own cultural, social, and political infrastructure.

DIGINOMICS is the virtualization of the visible … transforming the tangible intoThe World of a Digitized Economy the intangible by way of digitization. Hard currency in your wallet becomes “megabyte” money on a screen. Everything that was algorithmic is now digital. While highly beneficial relative to convenience, the same is high risk to anonymity and privacy.

Nevertheless, diginomics is here to stay — and, sooner than most realize, it will be the new normal for all things transactional and cultural.

On this site are links and posts to other online articles, reviews, surveys, books, publications, media and resources of the evolving Diginomic World. We hope you enjoy both the discovery and the enlightenment.      ♦

diginomics (noun) : (dij’i-nom’iks) [digital + economics] the technological and social development toward an all-digital economy conducted electronically in all financial dealings between buyer and seller; a cashless society where all financial transactions are conducted electronically.

Today’s college freshman knows nothing of a world without the Internet and diginomics. evolving digital economics! —Wallace R. Wood