September 17, 2019

Diginomics Impacts Newspaper Industry

A “Diginomic Society” is not limited to the world of electronic money only. In essence, diginomics touches anything that can be digitized, and everything that resides in a digital medium. From cultural diginomics (like online social networking) to “megabyte money” (digital economics, online banking, etc.) to CALMtech (embedded Internet, pervasive computing and more), the advent of an all-digitized world is dramatically altering the way things have always been.

Take, for instance, the world of newspaper publishing. The days of holding real newsprint in our hands is fast dissolving between our fingers. Check out the January 6, 2013 edition of “60 Minutes” on CBS. The troubled Times-Picayune daily newspaper in New Orleans is a case study in what is taking place throughout the country as a growing number of print news publications are yielding to more advanced hi-tech, online, real-time digital news outlet competitors. Do they have “paper drives” at area elementary schools anymore?