September 16, 2019

Diginomics Spreads to In-Flight NFC Applications

inflight-entertainment-090714Near Field Communications (NFC) technology is that super convenient payment system that allows you to wave and pay. A key fob wand, an NFC-branded credit or debit card, or smartphone — these are among the tools of close-range electronic payment devices. Panasonic Avionics Corporation announces that, by the summer of 2015, in-flight NFC diginomics will be featured in a growing number of air carriers.

“The new system will have perks for crew and passengers alike,” reports in their Sept. 17 posting. “Passengers will be able to use NFC-enabled smartphones to make high value transactions on-board, making duty-free purchases all the more tempting. Synchronization of passengers’ personal data will create ‘just-for-me’ entertainment experiences. In the same way, frequent flyers will be recognised via their NFC card or phone, and rewarded with special benefits or promotions, such free Wi-Fi for Gold members.”

According to this report, NFC is catching on big time as there are more than 200 million NFC-enabled mobile phones currently in circulation. “Panasonic notes that 70 percent of airline passengers take smart phones on board and it is estimated that, by 2016, 55% of smart phones will be NFC-enabled.” – Read more