August 22, 2019

Digital Economics Welcomes You to “The Diginomics Era”

Welcome to your resource for all things “Diginomic.”

cropped-DigiCentLogo-Stars.jpgA world where “digital economics” is fast outpacing that of cash and other outdated analog payment methods (ie: checks, coins and cards) introduces DIGINOMICS … the global development of a digitized economic system and the culture surrounding it. This is the “go to” page for the “official” definition of the word diginomics … which simply refers to the development of a “digital economic” system — a cashless society!

Both the word Diginomics and the technology of diginomics is gaining traction around the world. Conferences and workshops are being conducted where “Diginomics” is a headline topic. It’s starting to be defined by others in various categories and genres. Others are even claiming “origination” of the word to themselves, which is why the “author” of the word has made the decision to post the “original” and “authentic” definition in this form and fashion.

In its original context, diginomics has always meant “digital economics,” and was intended to always be a “public” word — never to be copyrighted or trademarked. We have also noticed efforts along those lines as well, which is unfortunate. So, the originating author of the word — Mr. Wallace Wood of Houston, Texas — wants to set the record straight once and for all. Hence, the definitions posted on this page and the reported trends and developments that point to a world without cash, checks, coins or credit.

On this website you will find the following items about Diginomics:

• Long and short definitions of diginomics;
A short biography of the word’s author, Wallace Wood;
• A brief review into the technological developments toward a cashless society;
• What is the potential future of a “Diginomic World?”
• Resources and links to websites, books and articles that address mobile, digital economics;
• News stories and video links to late-breaking developments of diginomic interest;
• Quoted sources to include authors, journalists, banking and elected officials, and many more.

Welcome to our Diginomic World – Digitizing the Economics & Lifestyle Culture of Our World!