August 22, 2019

Diginomic-Prone Generation Z Ready for Biometric Economy

The next adult generation of consumers see the end of cash and “tangible” means of payment of all kinds (currency, coins, checks and credit). Intangible, virtual economics (“diginomics”) is the only way to go. It’s fast, clean, cheap … and sensible in this new all-digitized world. This survey confirms another survey in 2011 conducted by […]

Cashless Biocryptology: Your finger may soon replace your credit card; will come with an added security layer

Rapid City — Futurists have long proclaimed the coming of a cashless society, where dollar bills and plastic cards are replaced by fingerprint and retina scanners smart enough to distinguish a living, breathing account holder from an identity thief. Two shops on the School of Mines and Technology campus are performing one of the world’s […]

Diginomics Impacts Newspaper Industry

A “Diginomic Society” is not limited to the world of electronic money only. In essence, diginomics touches anything that can be digitized, and everything that resides in a digital medium. From cultural diginomics (like online social networking) to “megabyte money” (digital economics, online banking, etc.) to CALMtech (embedded Internet, pervasive computing and more), the advent […]

Welcome to Diginomics Defined

The Future of Retail is in “The Wave.” Be it installation, augmentation or implementation through virtualization — The term itself (first coined in 1998) is rapidly gaining global tracking as the fog begins to lift on what the future really looks like. It’s where George Jetson meets George Orwell … and Aldous Huxley (“Brave New […]


The Future of Digital Economics is in “The Wave.” Be it installation, augmentation or implementation through virtualization — the ultimate technology … whether it is card, communicator or chip … will be little more than the simple “wave” of the hand, and your bill is paid. It’s what we call “diginomics” — for “digital economics.” […]