September 16, 2019

Self-Authenticating Chip Technology Could Disable Digital Fraud

Imagine — no longer being concerned about protecting your identity and financial information from hackers. And not credit/debit cards only, but SIM cards as well? Could electronic counterfeiting of our financial transactions soon be a thing of the past? Consider the April 9, 2014 patent filing by De Sonneville International of its self-authenticating microchip. “If […]

Diginomic Society Means More Connected Homes, More Problems

One survey recently reported that there are currently over 10 billion objects connected to the Internet. These are predominately mobile devices such as tablet computers and cell phones. By 2020, the survey says, there will be more than 30 billion such connections coming mostly from smart home connections via the machine-to-machine communications, circa the Internet […]


“In a cashless society, ‘privacy’ in connection with payments is practically nonexistent. However, that doesn’t mean that your information—specifically, your transaction information—will be bundled up and sold to the highest bidder. Security, not privacy, is the real concern when it comes to a cashless society. In some ways, going cashless can offer you more security […]