August 22, 2019


WEARABLE BANKING could become the Google Glass Generation killer app! Diginomic lifestyles, cultures and fashions are rapidly coming into vogue, starting in 2014 when Google Glass is scheduled to make its public debut. The new app that will allow the Google Glass Generation to locate ATM machines nearby helps open the gates to what is […]

More Diginomics Predicted for 2022

The Payments Council of England published a new report in August, “UK Payment Markets 2013,” that predicts what the “diginomic world” of 2022 may look like. Consumer card use to rise by 75% Cash payments will drop dramatically Consumer check payments will be virtually non-existent Direct deposits to grow by 20% Our primary interest in […]

Passwords: Could 2014 be the Beginning of the End?

A truly diginomic society, though digitized in its infrastructure, will not necessarily depend on passwords to gain access or navigate that world. Passwords have overstayed their welcome. Latest surveys (, Feb. 2013) show that more than 30 percent of us do not password-protect our mobile devices. The majority reason: too inconvenient. Women are more likely […]

AMEX Brings Diginomics to NYC Taxi Cabs

The World of Diginomics takes another step forward as American Express announces its plan to bring a new payment system to New York City’s taxi cabs. According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek Technology (Oct. 21, 2013), “American Express (AXP) is introducing a new way to pay that it says will be even easier than a smartphone: your […]

Cardless ATMs allow you to get cash with your phone

It had to happen eventually: cashless diginomics reaching the antiquated ATM machine to withdraw cash. Your smart phone is the new digital key to cash withdrawal from a new breed of cardless ATMs. “Here’s how it works,” reports CNNMoney on Oct. 9. “Using an app on your phone, you can place an order for cash […]

Cashless trend is redefining money, and a central bank’s role as printer

“The world is quickly moving towards cashless or electronic payments. Seven countries, mostly in Europe, have already moved to an almost cashless society (over 80 per cent non-cash).” This is the announcement made by Microsoft at the annual Swift International Banking Operations Seminar (SIBOS) in Dubai the week of September 21. “The cost of using […]

Embedded Internet: the Next Technological Revolution Already Here!

DIGINOMICS is not just about the digital economy. In a broader sense, it’s really about “all things digitized.” Take, for instance, the embedded Internet — the concept that the Internet is destined to be “attached to everything you touch … and everything that touches you!” “The potential is mind-blowing. The Internet of Everything is truly […]

Diginomic Society Means More Connected Homes, More Problems

One survey recently reported that there are currently over 10 billion objects connected to the Internet. These are predominately mobile devices such as tablet computers and cell phones. By 2020, the survey says, there will be more than 30 billion such connections coming mostly from smart home connections via the machine-to-machine communications, circa the Internet […]

Diginomic/IoT Parking Meters Ready for Real Time

KERBspace has unveiled a remarkable “smart” parking meter that does everything but serve curbside coffee. It has sensors that detect a vehicle in its parking space, down to the type of vehicle — whether it is a car or a truck. The driver pays with credit card or by phone. Wherever the driver may be […]

Bitcoin: Is It Too Big for Government to Ignore?

Bitcoin and other digital currency may find its way into government yet. The infamous “Bitcoin” — that “crytocurrency” unveiled in 2008 as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system — appears to be on the verge of going mainstream and Main Street. In an article release on July 29 by Government Technology magazine, this digital “coin,” which […]