September 16, 2019

Your Face Pays the Bill: The Latest in the Evolution of a Diginomic Society

The ability to pay for anything and everything without cash, checks, coins or cards has just taken a light-year leap into the future. A company in Finland, Uniqul,  has taken facial recognition technology (FRT) to the ultimate level … “pay-with-your-face” technology. “Forget credit cards and antiquated cash – even waving your cellphone seems old-fashioned compared […]

Next Generation to be Born into “Cashless” Society

According to the Forrester research group, children born today will be the world’s “first cashless generation” and will prefer their smartphones over their pocket wallets in making payment transactions. The target date for this transition: 2016. According to Carl Scheible, PayPal’s managing director in England, “By 2016, you’ll be able to leave your wallet at […]

The Move Toward Becoming A Cashless Society reports (June 24, 2013) that “It seems Texans, like most citizens around the world, are moving toward becoming a cashless society.” In its 2013 Consumer Insights Survey, SWACHA – The Electronic Payments Resource® – announced “Direct deposit users are likely to save more” than their non-EDP counterparts. According to the survey, savings rates are […]


Diginomics takes another major step forward. The Ukrainian bank PrivatBank has given customers a glimpse of what they will be able to do using Google Glass once it is available on general release. Make a deposit? Simply look at the check(s) to be deposited. Pay a bill? Focus on a QR code. Many, many innovations […]

New Retail POS Forecast Mobile Payments Evolution

According to its Annual POS 2013-2018 Forecast Report for the point-of-sale mobile payments industry, Javelin Strategy & Research predicts “the point of sale (POS) retail market towers above the online market and will continue to do so for years to come.” POS transactions constitute 93% of total U.S. retail dollar volume, the report notes. “But […]

“Square” May Be the Ultimate Reach in Diginomic Technology

Jack Dorsey is the mild-mannered super brain behind the “Twitterization” of the world. Now, he’s developed a hi-tech key into the world of diginomics through an all-electronic payment system called “Square,” which has evolved further into a pay system using GPS technology. Once you have established an account, a participating merchant like Starbucks knows when […]

Diginomics Impacts Newspaper Industry

A “Diginomic Society” is not limited to the world of electronic money only. In essence, diginomics touches anything that can be digitized, and everything that resides in a digital medium. From cultural diginomics (like online social networking) to “megabyte money” (digital economics, online banking, etc.) to CALMtech (embedded Internet, pervasive computing and more), the advent […]


The Future of Digital Economics is in “The Wave.” Be it installation, augmentation or implementation through virtualization — the ultimate technology … whether it is card, communicator or chip … will be little more than the simple “wave” of the hand, and your bill is paid. It’s what we call “diginomics” — for “digital economics.” […]