August 22, 2019

PulseWallet Lets You Pay for Things Using Your Veins

They say in the credit card commercial, “Don’t leave home without it.” PulseWallet would respectfully disagree. Leave your credit card at home. You don’t need it if you opt for PulseWallet’s palm-scanning technology called “Palm Secure,” an electronic device that photographs an individual’s unique vein pattern below the skin. The distinct pattern of each individual’s […]

Target Mayhem Solution: Mag Stripes Going Away – Embedded Tech on the Way

We have been headed in this direction for some time. Now, thanks to the “Target fiasco” of Christmas 2013 in which over 40 million credit and debit card numbers were breached, the call to replace mag stripe technology has heightened. Cards with PIN-driven computer chips embedded and smartphones with Near Field Communications (NFC) technology inside […]

Next Generation to be Born into “Cashless” Society

According to the Forrester research group, children born today will be the world’s “first cashless generation” and will prefer their smartphones over their pocket wallets in making payment transactions. The target date for this transition: 2016. According to Carl Scheible, PayPal’s managing director in England, “By 2016, you’ll be able to leave your wallet at […]

New Retail POS Forecast Mobile Payments Evolution

According to its Annual POS 2013-2018 Forecast Report for the point-of-sale mobile payments industry, Javelin Strategy & Research predicts “the point of sale (POS) retail market towers above the online market and will continue to do so for years to come.” POS transactions constitute 93% of total U.S. retail dollar volume, the report notes. “But […]

Swiping Your Plastic Payment Card: Is it Going Away?

In a world where “contactless payments” are increasing in popularity, is it possible that the days of swiping your payment card are fast coming to an end? Ralph Danglemaier, CEO of BlueSnap, says e-commerce will begin taking over as the main form of all commerce in coming years. “With only about only 6 percent of […]

Multi-Channel Banking: From Tablet to Cell Phone with One Transaction

“Multi-channel banking is the buzzword in today’s banking world; banks are competing to increase their reach by adding on customer touch points including laptops, PCs, mobile phones, tablets, kiosks, smart ATMs and even television. The digital generation is ever ready for innovation and experimentation, and expects banks to make their banking experience easier. Cross channel transaction is […]

Urban Outfitters Waves Goodbye To Cash Registers

Urban Outfitters CIO Calvin Hollinger has set the bar higher for the future of digitized retail by declaring that the “cash register is now a thing of the past” in all their stores nationwide. “Waving goodbye to cash registers traditionally used in retail stores, the hipster merchandiser will now use the iPad and iPod Touch […]