September 16, 2019

The Diginomic ‘Wave’:Techie Embeds Chip in Hand

icon_implantable_VerichipDiginomicWorld News has been predicting since 2012 that “the future of digital economics is in ‘the Wave.’ Be it installation, augmentation or implementation through virtualization — the ultimate technology … whether it is card, communicator or chip … will be little more than the simple ‘wave’ of the hand, and your bill is paid. It’s what we call diginomics — for ‘digital economics.'”

Now, a tech enthusiast named Robert Nelson has chipped his left hand to give him NFC access and control. With the chipped hand, Nelson is “able to unlock his smartphone just by picking it up,” reports Mobile Payments Insider on Oct. 28. “Nelson is planning to enable the ability to unlock his house, open the garage door, or unlock his car. He may also double up on his capacity by getting another chip implanted in his right hand. Only time will tell what can be achieved with this sort of technology.” – Read more