September 16, 2019

Biometrics, Privacy and the Cashless Society


 The Extinction of Privacy and Personal Security Via Biometrics and the Cashless Society

“The digital surveillance genie is out of the bottle”

As soon as you walk in store, your mobile gives you away. This provides the retailer with sufficient information to identify you and your shopping habits.

“A cashless society would certainly give governments unprecedented access to information and power over citizens. In Britain, the government has almost unprecedented access to citizen information already.

“The general consensus as to what will be the key agent driving the migration to a cashless society appears to be settling on the introduction of Apple Pay and how biometric technology is quickly changing our payment interactions.

‘Apple Pay highlights that consumers are now widely receptive to payment approaches which use biometric technology and contactless methods, and are comfortable accepting them as secure payment mechanisms. No longer will we need to rely, it seems, on a pocketful of cash,’ said John Marsden, identity and fraud expert at Equifax.

“The digital surveillance genie is out of the bottle, and many privacy campaigners have little faith that regulators will ever be able to stuff it back in. It’s too late already.

“According to new research, the rise of new contactless payment methods has lead one in every four people to say that the UK will become a cashless society within the next decade.”

Excerpts from main article at TruePublica, UK