August 22, 2019

Tracking “Diginomics” (the word)

The term itself — Diginomics — is gaining traction globally. An in-depth search for the word online yields a remarkable and impressive acceptance of both the word and its official meaning. Here is what we have found to-date on how the word is catching on —

Twitter news feeds
All things Bitcoin and Beyond

a Texas General Business filed on August 23, 2015 in Laredo TX

The Wealth of Networks: Digital Economies and the Next-generation Internet
Diginomics workshop at global conference, London, 2009

“Diginomics” (Digital world + Economics)
WordPress blog – South Africa

Diginomics | Un libro escrito por Gabriel Foglia y Patricio O’ Gorman
Diginomics website – Spain


DIGINOMICS Workshop Seminar in Sweden, 2015, by Anna Fellander, Chief Economist, Swedbank; “Diginomics: New Economic Drivers”

  • Digital Futures – Canada … Diginomics definition
  • Diginomicsinfo at WordPress
    Diginomics book – Spain
    Read the ebook in Spanish HERE
    at ISSUU
  • Diginomics – Forbes – Information for the World’s Business
    Forbes magazine article – July 24, 2008
  • 2013 MEMES Week: Diginomics Tickets, Los Angeles
    UCLA Anderson Center for MEMES presents 2013 MEMES Week: Diginomics
    Monday, January 28, 2013 – Thursday, January 31, 2013 — Los Angeles, CA
  • A Consuming Experience: How to save money on online orders: diginomics
    “Practical technology for intelligent non-geeks from a consumer perspective, from computing, internet, mobile and blogging to media, ‘comms’ and digital rights.
    “The inventor of audio and control networking solutions for the audio and media industry.”
  • Diginomics Affiliate Programs of Wealthy Affiliate
    “Join the most interactive, helpful, and engaging online business building platform in the world. If you have a NICHE in cryptocurrency, then this might interest you. Diginomics is seeking affiliates to market and promote their DIGITAL CURRENCY COURSES.”
  • Heidelberg Connect
    “Print Diginomics: The Cost to Print with Anicolor”
  • Doing Business in a Digital Age (pdf program) — Second course of study: “Diginomics”
    “Faculty: Business, Finance and Law Programme” (Rotterdam)
  • DIGINOMICS (England)
    “Embracing data and analytics in an increasingly digital world”
  • Diginomics (Germany)
  • Diginomics (Seoul, So. Korea) – “Invigorating digital economy by supporting digital industry”
  • Diginomics (Myanmar) – “Digital Economy is Now…MAKERS OF CONNECTED EXPERIENCES!”
  • (European Union) – “DIGINOMICS: Stärker regional ausgerichtet, stets aktuell und lösungsorientiert sind unsere DigiNomics Veranstaltungen. Sie finden an unterschiedlichen Orten mehrfach pro Jahr statt.”
  • Behavioral Diginomics (or Digital Nudge): The irrational human side of digital (2015) – book by Fabio Pereira
  • Diginomics – A Glossary for the Digital Finance Economy” by Manie Eagar
  • Category: Diginomics – article: “Who let the cash out?” – “With the emergence of a digital economic system that is globally prevalent, this new revolution has begun to be recognized as Diginomics, or Digital Economics.”

Stay tuned. More coming …!