June 21, 2018

Tracking “Diginomics” (the word)

The term itself — Diginomics — is gaining traction globally. An in-depth search for the word online yields a remarkable and impressive acceptance of both the word and its official meaning. Here is what we have found to-date on how the word is catching on —

Twitter news feeds

All things Bitcoin and Beyond

The Wealth of Networks: Digital Economies and the Next-generation Internet
Diginomics workshop at global conference, London, 2009

“Diginomics” (Digital world + Economics)
WordPress blog out of South Africa

Diginomics | Un libro escrito por Gabriel Foglia y Patricio O’ Gorman
Diginomics website – Spain


DIGINOMICS Workshop Seminar in Sweden, 2015, by Anna Fellander, Chief Economist, Swedbank; “Diginomics: New Economic Drivers”

Stay tuned. More coming …!