September 16, 2019

Urban Outfitters Waves Goodbye To Cash Registers

Urban Outfitters CIO Calvin Hollinger has set the bar higher for the future of digitized retail by declaring that the “cash register is now a thing of the past” in all their stores nationwide.

“Waving goodbye to cash registers traditionally used in retail stores, the hipster merchandiser will now use the iPad and iPod Touch devices to manage transactions, returns and inventory applications,” reports “The chain has been inching toward this big step for some time. For the last two years, Urban Outfitters has been incorporating handheld devices to handle mobile point-of-sale transactions, but now they will be using them exclusively.”

Hollinger says Urban Outfitters has not used a cash register since late September. The focus now is to make sure the iPads and iPod Touch devices will work properly in the new environment. With over 400 stores in the chain, every outlet will be fitted with the new POS devices.

Urban Outfitters decision follows the lead set by J.C. Penney in July when the retail giant announced its plans to “get rid of cashiers, cash registers, and checkout counters, the staples near the exits of virtually every store, as soon as 2014.” Given that transition time, the title for being the first brick-and-mortar store in the nation to make the diginomic transition may go to the Outfitters.